Granada Bowl

1620 Railroad Avenue
Livermore, CA 94550

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Gigantic 5 / LVT Team Tournament


January 2018 at 1:00 pm

Team Entry Fee is $250.00

$50.00 per Bowler


    Gigantic 5 Team Tournament              Livermore Valley Tournament

     Based on 48 Teams Entered                    Estimated Prize Fund

            First Place $2000.00                                       $50,000

This prize fund will be paid following          This prize fund is paid

   the 1 pm squad on January.                                 March 2017


Optional Brackets $5.00 each and Doubles $10.00 per team.

Team Handicap is 90% of 1100 - Individual Hndicap is 90% of 220.


Click Here for Entry Form and Rules


For more information or would like to sign-up contact:

Tournament Director: Tom Crane

at 925-580-5002 or email






If you would like to bring your

 Tournament here to Livermore.


Please just give me a call.


James Seltmann

General Manager