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  64% of the adult foot disease from improper shoes
  A thousand miles begins with a single step, which louis vuitton mens sneakers is to help the shoes are inseparable. However, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a recent data show that adult foot disease with a variety of factors, of which 64% comes from improper shoes. So alarming figures tell us that this should serve as feet, "the protection of God," the shoe, sometimes playing the role of spoiler.
  Many market shoes to wear foot wear, shoes, narrow bore, strong kanye west louis vuitton sneakers soles, these shoes are not helping people to walk, like giving the shackles put on your feet. Now a lot of shoes designed to be very thin, delicate look to put on, but this is the greatest harm to the foot. Repair capacity of young people is strong, so one day wearing shoes, feet one evening to recover. Elderly may die, someone's feet hurt even once will permanently go after extrusion. Wearing the kanye west x louis vuitton jasper wrong shoes, people really can not afford injuries.
  The first one: the best selection of shoes at around three in the afternoon to six o'clock, because feet swell slightly at this point, if the time of the selected size does not feel small, other times of day, no problem wearing. Try standing, because when standing foot slightly larger than when sitting a little. Not wearing go look in the mirror when you try to buy, be sure to go back and forth a few, carefully feeling of stability shoe size is appropriate.
  The second measure: a clean pair of shoes owned stockings to wear off (especially very little tight package leg ankle boots) to facilitate the test shoes, the shoes tried to avoid the embarrassment of sweat louis vuitton shoes sneakers stains appear.
  The third measure: about two-thirds of people do not like big feet, which only long remember what only a short time to try on a pair of shoes every two feet. According to a slightly larger leg better choose shoes. Can not be based solely on the number of shoes to choose shoes or the Trustee on behalf of the buy, be sure to personally try, because there will be differences specific to the last head of different sizes, styles or brands and models of standard shoes. With foot expansion and contraction will have different seasons, louis vuitton men shoes so in the winter summer buy discount shoes, you try with the right size may be slightly smaller than the summer.
  The fourth one: feet with different seasons will have thermal expansion and contraction, so in the winter summer buy discount shoes, you try with the right size may be slightly smaller than the summer.
  Fifth move: The ideal size is at least: ten toes are free to activity in the shoe has a comfortable cushion and modest interior space; the sole surface and the curvature of the foot depression is very fit, ankle and toes do not touch to shoes; forefoot to have a certain leeway, if resisted toe toes into his back heel and the shoe can help the distance between a finger, the louis vuitton kanye west sneakers size is just right; the sole heel of the surface to be a good fit live heel when walking can not slide to slide; himself looking down from above the central arch of the foot and the shoe fit the curvature of whether to confirm the suitability of the elastic around the legs.
  Sixth trick: Do not discount the temptation or the end of the quarter because it likes to make his own feet by substandard size to accommodate one pair shoes, shoe size is too small, even for longer wear, and very limited support to a large extent, the moment the foot scenery might cause corns, blisters, foot pain, leg pain, back pain and a series of illnesses.
  Seventh move: If you have a pair of shoes in front of that coveted design, almost perfect arc, exudes the most fashionable color of light, and reasonable prices. You simply it love at first sight. Unfortunately, bad material, advise you to choose pass it. Within the scope of the economic conditions permit, we recommend you choose the best leather, inside (smooth and no sutures) intradermal, Pidi full shoes. Because leather breathable, absorbent functionality and flexibility are good, it is more consistent with your foot, do not hold sweat, more comfortable to wear, leather sole, leather heel and can reduce noise. Check the quality of leather shoes, not the toe side of the shoe on both sides in the election when the best touch both sides of the shoe leather to see if uniform thickness.