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  There is a young fashion designer, very talented, his works often in some fashion show award. But his heart was very upset, because we never entered the first-class fashion show, he never cheap louboutin wedges considered himself a success.
  Once, another idea in his mind to produce, he wants to smooth lines, ornate embellishment, with popular fabric, will express their creativity. He let his favorite model put on a, then stood aside to see. Yes, tall figure, the dress will enjoy all the features expressed, but also proud of is that the top of the head of the linen small floral hat, an increase of women's charming.
  Girl walked in front of him. She stood replica louboutin wedges a variety of positions, but found that he did not see him in trance, seems to think there is any place that he is not satisfied. He stumbled vast took to the streets, trying to find his heart that point of confusion.
  He aimlessly into the stately fashion street. Street crowded, bustling, where the protagonist is a woman, even the most beautiful fashion beautiful woman does not become a beauty, and the natural beauty of a woman, who has been on this street a fascinating landscape. Why can not he wanted to be like many of the brand name, as in here has its own fashion store?
  Young designers for their own morale, when the replica louboutin heels solution to their confusion, out of a thing. He did not pay attention to the road ahead, suddenly fell into a manhole in the underground being repaired. Someone curse: your kid how to sit on me! He refused to throw the head pain, quickly stood up, just head out of the well surface. People coming and going from the side walk, he stared, he saw what a dim both feet in a hurry come, not black is brown shoes, just look at those steps, you just could not imagine that they are walking in fashionable woman in the street, their beauty and fashion foot gap between the body too. He suddenly realized that what people standing in the back of mine cried, I know, I know! He was running all the way back to his design studio, quickly draw the latest cheap red bottom shoes designs on paper.
  He tried to model color shoes to wear, decorate top with ribbon or leather. Ah, standing in front of his model is more than just beautiful, top to bottom, barely a little flaw, especially a petite feet, delicate and charming, brilliant. "This is a perfect woman! In the past I just overlooked this little detail, I always can not enter more perfection."
  Model light to walk in the T-stage, revealing black dress classical beauty, she is still the kind of restrained expression. However, the traditional style of this diamond in the rough, was a pair of big red shoes replica louboutin pumps attacked, at the foot of angry like caged spring, once infected with herself, her getting faster and faster, farther light, almost will fly up. Designers also stunned. He appeared in front is a red butterfly with open wings in the dancing. Soon, his eyes floated only a yellow butterfly, blue butterfly, purple butterfly ......
  In fact, we never pay attention to their feet as well, although they are at the bottom, there are often some of the dust, but they are not at all ugly. You just take a closer look, you will find our feet is actually a butterfly with open wings, once a gust of breeze, it dancing wings fluttering. If we put them colorful Junqing, it would only make you beautiful christian louboutin red bottoms replica people envy!